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Customer Retention Strategy

This answers the all-important questions about how your organization should be built--both today and as you scale and transform--to optimize customer and revenue retention. The Infinipoint 9-Factor Assessment is a strong starting point to understand the current and future alignment of your customers, your product, and your customer-facing teams. It also provides important benchmarking insights. 


The Customer Retention Strategy service covers both planning and implementing the right structure, processes, human capital, incentives, and metrics to move from where you are today to a state that captures the most customer value in the most efficient manner.

Each engagement is unique but customer retention strategy frequently addresses the following areas:

  • Customer journey mapping and quantifying the value of each customer action and their lifetime value (LTV) to the business. 

  • Engineering clean processes for efficient post-sales activities like onboarding and implementation that decrease customer time-to-value (TTV) and increase early positive customer sentiment. Early trust and value delivery are highly correlated to retention. 

  • Aligning the teams and roles responsible for each customer behavior and outcome along their journey. Accountability for onboarding/implementation, customer success, technical support, and revenue via upsells, add-ons, cross-sells, and renewals changes as your organization scales and transforms. A strategic human capital plan gets the right people in the right place to achieve the right customer outcomes. 

  • Risk identification and mitigation plans identify observable and measurable customer behaviors and other signals that indicate possible future churn risk and then prescribe specific actions to bring the customer back on track for retention.

  • Designing incentive and compensation plans to influence and reward individual and team performance. The approach to incentives and compensation acknowledges the impact on customers, the business, and the team itself. Reward what matters most and what the individual and team actually controls.  

  • Creating metrics and reporting systems to keep the team and the broader organization aware of the current and longer-term status of the customer ecosystem. 


Success Hackathons

These events are ideal for teams that have the talent and desire to ace customer success and retention but need a jumpstart to move from the WHAT and WHY of their operations into the WHO, HOW, and WHEN of delivering value. 


A Success Hackathon is a highly focused 1 or 2-day workshop that translates higher-level mission and vision into the projects, processes, and accountability points that deliver customer success and retention. The Hackathon moves teams into immediate, measurable action. Internal collaborators and executives are invited to portions of the event to provide inputs, guidance, and validation as needed. The result is organization-wide commitments on the next steps for mastering customer success and retention. 

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Leadership Development

Investing in key team members helps growing organizations retain and develop their top customer-facing talent. This is particularly critical when scaling the business or transforming the customer value proposition. 


We develop formal and informal learning programs that link to real-world performance outcomes. Our solution uses a defined set of leadership capabilities to improve all layers of customer-facing leadership; moving high performing reps into management roles, helping line managers adapt to expanding responsibility, or asking senior leadership to more effectively own the intersection of the company and its customers. 

Success + Retention Leader Coaching

Coaching provides access to a Customer Success and Customer Retention executive at a fraction of the cost of carrying one on payroll. Coaching is geared toward organizations that don’t yet have a dedicated executive responsible for success and retention yet want to provide the leaders of these functions with meaningful counsel, resources, and support. 


Success and Retention Leaders Coaching gives coachees access to an experienced customer-facing executive who learns about the coachees organization, projects, opportunities, and challenges. The result is a collaboration that achieves outcomes for the coachee, their team, your organization, and ultimately your customers. 


We offer three levels of coaching services and each can be further customized based on your specific target outcomes. All levels include a Coaching Plan to define the goals of the coachee and the organization, and a quarterly report of progress, outcomes, and further recommendations.

Mentor plans are ideal for those who need periodic access to a senior advisor who knows you, your business, and what you're trying to achieve with customer success, customer experience, and retention. 

Coach plans are geared toward growing and improving the performance of your organization using an in-depth relationship with a Customer Success/Customer Experience executive with extensive coaching experience. 

Collaborator plans help you get things done. Now. This plan provides collaborative and consistent engagement with a Customer Success/Customer Experience executive and is designed to achieve specific and measurable outcomes for your organization.