Customer Retention Assessment

9 Factors that Define Your Retention Engine

What's the best customer retention strategy for my company?

It depends!

This unsatisfying answer prompted a project to uncover answers to the real question--


Depends on what?


Interviews and surveys with dozens of customer success and customer experience executives crossing many industries, sizes, and growth stages suggest nine factors in three primary areas influence building a successful retention strategy and organization.

Your Customers


1. Customer count

2. Customer perception of their spend on your product/services


Your Product or Services


3. Overall complexity or specialization of your product

4. Impact of your product on customers’ business outcomes

Your Expectations of the Customer Retention Team(s)


5. Degree of direct revenue contribution

6. Metrics they are accountable to achieve

Intersections between your teams, Product, and Customers give three
more factors to consider:

7. Degree to which your teams influence customer behavior

8. Customer perception of the tangible value provided by retention team members

9. Access to meaningful intel on customer behaviors and actions

9-Factor Model for Customer Retention Planning

So What?

How does your unique blend of Customers, Product, and Teams map to an ideal retention strategy? I looked at how successful--and less successful--retention teams used each factor to inform strategy. The result is a clear set of best practices. It’s important to note these are not Rules but rather Patterns. Patterns helpful in understanding the current state of customer retention and in defining an ideal future state that supports growth, improvement, and operational efficiency. 


This simple model helps plan and implement strategies to retain more customers and more revenue and better margins. 

Complimentary Assessment

To see how it can help your organization complete the steps for a complimentary assessment below. The assessment includes access to the survey tool and then a customized analysis of the results with key questions and recommendations for your future consideration. In exchange we simply ask for complete and accurate answers to the demographic data we collect so we can further validate and refine the tool and the outputs. 


  1. Complete the form below to request a link to the online survey tool. (google form) A link will be sent via email. All answers are confidential and will not be shared with anyone except the person at the email address listed here.

  2. Complete the survey and click Submit

  3. We produce and send your customized assessment including a graphic representation of your current state and potential future state for each of the nine factors and a narrative of best practices for the factors that are most relevant for your organization.

    You can view a sample assessment summary here. We are still validating the tool and methodology so there is some manual work involved before we’re comfortable fully automating the process. Expect up to 24 hours for your assessment to arrive in your inbox.

  4. We follow up to answer any questions and gather feedback on the usability and relevance of the assessment. 

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