Resources & Affiliations

There is an amazing community of individuals, companies, associations, and institutions driving the fields of customer success, customer experience, and customer retention forward. Below are links to some of our favorites. 

Certification and Education

Southwest Missouri State - this cohort-based certification program covers a lot of ground for both new and experienced practitioners. It's a professional curriculum and the facilitators are all proven in the field. Marty is on the Advisory Board for the program. Don't be shy about reaching out for info, questions, or discounts!


Certified Customer Experience Professional (CCXP) - is the credential sponsored by the Customer Experience Professional Association. This is appropriate for professionals at all levels but covers the basics well. Much like project management and other discipline-specific certification, there is an expectation of ongoing education to retain certification--ideal for those committed to the profession for the long-term. 

Success Chain - offers a wide range of learning opportunities as part of its comprehensive services for customer success professionals. These programs are ideal for individuals or existing teams. 

The Customer Success Association - is at the leading edge of creating standards and definitions around the field of customer success. The LinkedIn group is active and ideal for CS and CX practitioners and managers looking to connect and share. 

Awards and Recognition

The Customer Centricity Awards - this awards series is run by ARCET Global who has a long history managing professional award programs. Infinipoint sponsored the new Customer Centricity in B2B category for the 2021 World Series and Marty previously judged multiple award categories. We strongly recommend submitting for recognition. The process helps you define the value of your customer experience efforts. 

Genesys Customer Innovation Awards - is 15 years into their journey recognizing industry best practices and practitioners. The catch is that you have to be one of their customers. 

Folks we Follow

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