Infinipoint works primarily with growing B2B companies that already have a proven product or service offering. We help clients achieve one or more of the following business outcomes...

Improved Customer Retention

This is the alpha outcome. Retention is the fuel for future growth. Infinipoint's holistic approach and helps define the right balance of customer and revenue retention for your company goals and growth stage. Retention is a core organizational process, not a task carried out by the sale or success teams. And since retention is a customer choice and observable behavior we create metrics and processes around what the customer actually “does”--turning retention into a forecastable business metric.

Faster Customer Onboarding

Whether looking at first gains, early wins, or time-to-value the relationship between getting customers onboarded quickly and long-term value (LTV) is consistently strong. Infinipoint helps clients look beyond time and calendar-based onboarding approaches to build strategies and processes based on observable client behaviors. This means you spend the right effort at the right time for each customer--aligned with retention and LTV.

Scaling Customer Success

The discipline of Customer Success is still emerging as a specialized field. At the heart of all success efforts is a desire to keep customers on target for a great and valuable experience with the products and services they purchased. Infinipoint analyzes the unique environment created by your customers and your product and collaborates with clients to build a scalable success function that achieves these goals.

Improved Margins

Improving retention is powerful. Improving retention while reducing the cost of that effort is magical. Infinipoint brings the eye of a management consultant to streamline processes, gain operational efficiency, and--most importantly--ensure all the financial and human capital invested in retention serves that purpose. Less can certainly be more. But only when what’s left is both important and well-performed.

Growth-Ready Leadership 

Leading customer-facing teams requires certain leadership skills to be highly developed. Often the early leaders of these success, onboarding, support, and renewal teams are new to the role and promoted based on their operational excellence. Infinipoint provides both formal and informal training and coaching for customer-facing leaders--helping your organization keep this essential talent and delivering a leadership core prepared for both their current and future leadership opportunities and challenges.

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