Infinipoint operates at the complex intersection of growing companies and their customers. Navigating this space is especially crucial for B2B and XaaS providers as their eventual success requires--demands--they build customer retention into their DNA. 


While customer experience and retention may only be one team’s formal “job”--it is everyone’s responsibility. Infinipoint works with all customer-facing teams--sales, support, success, onboarding & implementation--as well as product, marketing, and CX. We help clients align strategy, structure, people, processes, technology, and metrics to deliver outsized customer retention without similarly outsized costs.

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Marty Kaufman
Founder and Principal

My career is defined by my desire to say “yes!” to interesting work. This led me across diverse fields as training & development, strategic planning, futures and foresight, organization behavior & development, and customer experience. I’ve worked extensively in both the public and private sector as a leader and advising leaders from start-up organizations to Fortune 100 companies and government agencies. 

The common thread through this diverse experience is helping companies thrive and grow by approaching customer success and retention as organization-wide goals and not merely team-based tasks.


I love discussing all things customer experience and welcome the chance to hear your individual and company stories.